About Us

The Chosenbydestiny Team (permanent roster)

Ryan Reyes is born and raised American, has been to a multitude of countries, but now serves the country of his roots and heritage where he also met his wife in 2010, settled down, and started a family. He is one of the world's few hybrid coverage specialists with a long history of 17 years as a pro photographer and almost 3 years now as a pro videographer. He is the founder, and does almost all of the post production for the company.
Previous clients include names such as: US President Barrack Obama, District Attorney Kamala Harris, MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando, Senator Chiz Escudero, The New York Art Exchange, Victoria's Secret, The debut of Kathryn Bernardo, and more...

Carlos Parilla is one of Ryan's closest and best friends as well as ex co-worker at Apple Inc. in the USA. Carlos is also Ryan's mentor for video editing. Carlos taught Ryan video as he taught Carlos photography and they began shooting together in the USA. Carlos continues to support and represent Chosenbydestiny in the Western Hemisphere even if Ryan has expanded Eastward. Every once in awhile, Carlos visits the Philippines and makes a guest appearance on the team for special events.