Chosenbydestiny Premium Event Packages for 2014

These are our premium packages for those who expect Class A Premium service. The service is the most important part of your coverage needs so we focus harder on quality rather than quantity. Years after your event, if there is one thing everyone will remember, it is both the creative and technical quality of your dearest memories and that is our goal; to make your event timeless. For those who need a customized package for all budgets, we have them available for all levels. All packages (when paid at full price) include a free one year warranty guaranteeing master copies of your memories in case they are misplaced, and a receipt. A 25% deposit will be required for all packages regardless of nature. We prefer that the remaining balance is paid in full on the day of your event to prevent delays. Paying with our preferred method or better, will put you at the top of the que where you belong, guaranteed. If this cannot be done, I do have clients who have not paid in full for as long as one year, and because the warranty time was exceeded, their photos and videos no longer exist in our system. Within agreement with our contract, all packages are FULL coverage of the entire events as specified. All discs created will be master discs compatible with all systems using professional standard equipment. We use calibrated systems for reviewing media for perfect output. All prints are printed in Kodak standard which is used worldwide for magazine publications and books of professional magnitude. All photos and video given are guaranteed clear, professional, affordable, and enjoyable for all. Due to our high volume of clients, packages as advertised and uncustomized are to be finished in around a month, a bit longer if you add anything that has to be printed outside of our private office, like the photo book. Compare that to many photographers who make promises for up to 3 months, without video coverage.

We are currently not entertaining personal consultation due to many clients taking advantage of our time and making it harder for other clients. Time must be shared equally between all so you will own our time for as far as your reservation entails. Personal meet ups in Santa Rosa or Binan, Laguna can be scheduled after a reservation is made, if a schedule is applicable. We recommend the deposit method as it also makes it safer for you to come to legal terms with us through bank information. We are a team of finely educated and well mannered graduates, we demand mutual respect and will not tolerate condescending dialogue or submit to unique demands outside of our advertised services post agreement. We understand that the culture revolves around paying less and getting more. And that is why most are taking advantage of our deals. However, pushing us to do more than we offer or beyond budget constraints will not be tolerated. In other words, I suggest that we keep the good karma flowing. We are defined by our actions, not our words, so please review our online portfolio at www.chosenbydestiny.com carefully, it is the same portfolio we show in person as well as the videos on http://vimeo.com/chosenbydestiny Reservations are now made strictly by deposits after reviewing your quote, contract, package list, and etc via e-mail. We do not accept pencil bookings. Our e-mail address is chosenbydestiny@gmail.com Thank you for your cooperation!

For all packages we use the latest and greatest technologies out there to date for both photo and video. However, the difference in gear changes per package level. We even team up with better photographers and videographers on the way up. We add (not necessarily all at the same time, it depends on the situation) video sliders, cranes, and camera attachments like shotgun microphones, suspension systems, and etc for the higher end packages. The crane is exclusive to the epic package. So, please choose your package with confidence as the image quality is maintained throughout all of them. When you hire Chosenbydestiny, I always show up. If I'm not there, it isn't our company that you hired. We're a very very modern group of artists. We keep up with the latest trends, and update everything when necessary. Recently we've lowered some of our rates to go all digital. We wanted to give everyone the freedom of picking their providers for print services which also helps us speed up our processing jobs so you can see your coverage as soon as humanly possible. It also costs less to print outside for the same visual quality, I don't mind that you save more money so that I can save more time to make your photos and videos look as amazing as possible. =) Don't forget to read our FAQ!!! <  It will be in our combined interest as a team to give any possible discounts if such things can be accomplished:  1) An early reservation of 6+ months before your finalized date, meaning all paperwork is processed with a verified down payment 6+ months before your date. Not even one day below 6 months, and we have to abide by our code as immediate bookings are more difficult to process into our schedule, especially with bigger packages. This "early lovebirds promo" is the biggest possible discount we can give and depends highly on the tier of which package that is chosem
2) Removing prints, like a photo book, will not only discount the value of the book itself, but will also discount the time and work that is put into it.
3) Removing extra team members that aren't needed for the vital process (SDE editors cannot be removed from onsite packages), not only discounts their salary, but it also discounts their transport and food costs from the team. We work great as a team as long as we have the vital positions covered for the general head count of the event. For tie-up/team integration rates and budget packages, please do inquire within.
4) If your event is shorter, or for example: a debut or a kiddie party, we can apply an extra discount as those types of events aren't normally full day events.

All video packages are recorded as HD and given as DVD output unless specified. Packages may be combined, and they are customizable. Customized packages are also possible, please send us your needs to chosenbydestiny@gmail.com

Packages below for all types of events, please do inquire if you're interested in photo only or video only packages as they are available. They're just not advertised to keep this page as simple as possible:

Photo Packages

Video Packages



If you are more than a 10 minute ride away from any LRT or MRT station in Metro Manila, you are beyond the local coverage area. If you are in Pampanga within 5-10 minute rides away from Nepo mall or Sacred Heart Hospital in Angeles city, you are in a local zone. Anywhere unlisted will be charged an out of town fee accordingly, and very fairly.

Thank you! - Ryan Reyes