Thursday, September 26, 1996

Chosenbydestiny History (2011)

Ryan picked up his first 35mm film SLR in the year 1994 at the age of 13 and began casually taking photos of nature, family, and friends. Casually shooting photos for the school newspaper in high school and for the science club. After experimenting with all genres, he then tried his luck with his first wedding photography gig in 1997. At the time Ryan was also tuning his efforts towards music and involvement in school bands and the orchestra. After finishing high school in 1999, his camera began to collect dust while he began developing his collection of musical instruments, recording, and computer gear.

Chosenbydestiny itself began in the year 2000 when a group of colleagues decided it was time to own their own company and reap what they sow. They began with the recording arts and reached a brand new appeal with their unique style of original music. They offered services ranging from recording to live, and have explored all instruments including DJ turntables. As the group grew smaller and times became harder for the music industry, Ryan Reyes decided to replace his recording studio with a photography studio in 2007, return to his artistic origin, and continue the business alone as a photographer and photograph weddings to better suit the company name, Chosenbydestiny.

In 2008, Ryan pursued publication grade photography with models worldwide and collaborating with clients and events such as Seventeen Magazine, Christian Audigier, Macy’s Passport, Brian Mcknight, Danity Kane, Playboy’s Kayla Collins, Star Magic World Tour, and the Barrack Obama Presidential campaign.

By the year 2009, Chosenbydestiny was a force to be reckoned with in the event photography genre. Ryan was shooting with top of the line cameras and lenses. Thanks to Philippine superstar Rufa Mae Quinto, his popularity rose as his photos attracted even more stars. Although Ryan continued to shoot models he was gaining momentum in his career through politics. In the year 2010 he decided to move to the Philippines permanently and follow the presidential elections under the supervision of Bayani Fernando, former MMDA chairman and a running candidate as vice president of the Philippines for 2010. Although his first gig upon arrival was for Philippine senator, Chiz Escudero.

A medical emergency and economical downturn slowed him down shortly after. He then had to sacrifice almost everything just to survive the crisis. In the wake of a miraculous recovery, Ryan bounced back shooting with an entry level DSLR, and began networking again with the best of the best in the Philippines including Christine Jacob and Sam Milby. Now, he struggles to return his name to the wedding and fashion industry not just as an accomplished photographer, but as a videographer and editor as well. He is now one of the few hybrid coverage specialists who can deliver both photo and video equally well. In 2011, he upgraded all of his gear and partnered up with one of the best photographers in the Philippines, Mr. Anthony Co. And now, the adventure continues...