Sunday, August 14, 2011

Abby and Ghee, Foodstravanganza!!!

This was definitely one awesome engagement shoot. We went from Nuvali in Santa Rosa, to Paseo de Santa Rosa, to Forest Lake in Binan. But what happened between these three scenes really satiated the appetite. First off, I was surprised they had a private Jipney. The warm and friendly family came along including Abby's mom, sister, niece, and etc. Ghee was our comic relief during the small field trip. Here are some of their engagement photos...

We started off at Starbucks, supposedly this branch is a bit more famous than others =)

Boat ride anyone? I demanded a discount since I was headless and they charged by head count. Long story

My cousin Grace came along to assist

The parking lot at Paseo de Santa Rosa had a few cool looking plants!

Where we had lunch, a very rapidly blogged place to eat

Sinanag na sinigang. If you like sour southeast asian cusine, this is the rice for you.

Abby's niece, Jomei was blown away by the experience

Abby's mom inside hanging out inside the private jipney

The area across from Forest Lake. A bit of editing was made to remove the graves from the graveyard. I hope it's not bad luck or anything... O_o........ o_O.

And of course, a heroes theme by the lamp at sundown. Who else hasn't done this??

Among the shown themes, we also did a karate kid theme, see no evil hear no evil theme, and etc. Very fun and unconventional. In retrospect, very unconventional. Speaking of odd things, I was also challenged to wear boxer shorts while covering their wedding. If they're just joking, they don't know me very well. I'm showing with boxer shorts, a barong, and a necktie, as dared. I'll update everyone on what happens next after September 3rd. Above all, I'm very grateful for the food no matter what I'm wearing. =)

- Ryan

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