Monday, September 26, 2011

Northern Hospitality

I had the chance of photographing and taking videos of some filipino blokes and ladies who came in from Oz for their daughter's birthday. Shame my offsider couldn't tag along because our babysitter couldn't come before noon. When I got to SM Marilao I was starved because I didn't have my brekkie, so I ate two lunches there and then a third lunch at the party. I did yabber a lot, but I do that anyway. Probably thought I was up myself, heck I thought the same thing. They were ace, beyond ace. Probably the best set of tall poppies I ever met. Extremely accommodating right through to the end. Heaps of gratitude. One of the guests was surprised I was making a good quid out here doing what I do, but finally agreed that I was definitely better off here than in the bloody USA. Anyways, I'm finally gonna be able to update this site in the coming few weeks (my vacation) hooroo! - Ryan

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