Sunday, November 13, 2011

Harry Truman, Rock n' Roll, and Beehive Hairstyles

These were all hot topics from the 1950s. Recently, I was asked to shoot a wedding here in the Philippines that incorporated a vintage look. Of course, a lack of resources didn't fully support the concept. But, they managed to pull it off a lot better than I thought! Here we have Jiezl and Ian's vintage wedding, complete with an old volkswagen, (I called slug bug first!) and a crowd of ladies and gentlemen wearing spiffy vintage outfits. I processed the images accordingly. And here's the kicker... I shot all the photos with a kit 18-55 lens and 50mm 1.8 just to annoy other photographers, while Gina kept everything at a healthy 30mm for the video. Speaking of which, coming soon!

The decorations were pretty radical!

The colors just make it feel a certain way

Tight prep shot

Slug bug!

The church

He's ready to go in!

Your destiny awaits...

I wouldn't be surprised if the Priest all of a sudden said "get a room!"

Couldn't do much about the "modern" cars in the background.
But, I love the speedwalking!

The typical vintage crotch photo

Followed by the typical vintage shoe fetish photo

My personal favorite from the set

A cold look, nullified by warm tones.

Mmmm cake.

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