Saturday, June 04, 2011

Inspired by Love

Before I get into the photo and video information I just wanted to give a very special thanks to Rommhel, Grace, and their families for being the most remarkable crowd I've ever been in the midst of. I made three versions of their video for alternative moods (the other two are only available for Vimeo contacts to see). They compensated me in full on their wedding day, without any complication or hesitation. They told me I could take my time with their edits and because of their understanding nature I've prioritized them at the very top of the list and will make extra effort to make their album and dvd the absolute best. I love them with all of my heart and look forward to our families spending more time with each other in the future. Thanks again! On top of that, we had an unexpected visit from GMA Channel 7 to cover us for their segment on June weddings, 2011.

Technical info: Canon EOS 550D. Nikon D700. Everything done in Final Cut Studio 3 and Lightroom 3.

Creative info: I wanted to show everyone in different color variants how much the song inspires the edit of the video and how much love there was during the event. The black and white version surprisingly has more impact in conjunction with the song. The photos were lacking the saturated colors that I saw in person, the harsh light from the sun washed them out a bit but I made the effort to bring those colors back in post. As for the church, I wanted to give it a bit more drama as there were quite a few heart striking moments.

Credits: Photos taken by Ryan Reyes and Anthony Co, Video by Ryan Reyes, Photo and Video post production by Ryan Reyes

The rings
Amazing Grace
Before the church
Channel 7
Family of the groom
Mini Bride

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