Sunday, July 03, 2011

Richard and Mheanne's Prenup

Tagaytay is a beautiful place, although this wasn't exactly Tagaytay. It was pretty darn close to where we ate lunch in Tagaytay. It was raining hard, but it didn't stop us. From past shoots I've realized that rainy days are when I get my best lit photos, since the lighting is balanced well. Richard and Mheanne are incredibly nice and I really put some heart into the photos for them. Most are familiar with the fact that I avoid post processing as much as possible, but I've learned that sometimes you won't see the photo for what it is until you interpret it through color processing whether added, subtracted, or both. I'm looking forward to successfully covering both photo and video (with onsite MTV and AVP) for their upcoming wedding next weekend.

Photography and Post Production by Ryan Reyes, Copyright Chosenbydestiny 2011

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